(Video) Climate activist confronts Senator Joe Manchin, gets physically shoved out of the room

In a surprising incident at Harvard University, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) found himself in the eye of a storm as a climate activist launched a verbal assault. The student ended up branding him a “sick f–k.”

The encounter was caught on video, and showcased a tense moment during Manchin’s talk at the Institute of Politics.

The confrontational episode unfolded when a protester accused Manchin of selling out their futures for personal gain. The activist was mere feet away from the senator and passionately shouted, “You sold our futures and you got rich doing it, you sick f–k.”

The centrist senator took exception to the comment. He got to his feet and hurried over to approach the activist. The foul-mouthed protester was within arm’s reach of Manchin when another guy moved to separate them.

The man who stepped in was known as Jonathan Kott. He forcefully pushed the protester out of the room, diffusing the immediate tension.

The incident was publicized by the activist group Climate Defiance, which claimed responsibility for orchestrating the disruption. Heavily edited footage on X highlighted their role in the confrontation, bringing attention to their cause.

Despite the physical removal of the initial protesters, more activists persisted in disrupting the event. Several protesters locked arms behind Manchin’s seat and chanted, “Support our futures, not your profits.”

Attempting to engage with the demonstrators, Manchin asked: “Y’all want to sit down somewhere so we can talk?”

The response was defiant, with one protester accusing him of receiving more funding from fossil fuels than any other senator. He said: “I’m not going to sit down. You’ve received more funding from fossil fuels than any other senator.”

Another chimed in, saying: “You’ve made millions out of your position. You drive a Maserati.”

The senator said in November of last year that he will not seek re-election for Senate office again in 2024.