(Video) Chris Weidman Hits Opponent With Double Eye Poke, win by TKO gets overturned to decision

Former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman stirred up a storm of controversy during Saturday night’s event in Atlantic City.

At the event, Weidman unleashed a combination of strikes. This also included a 1-2 eyepoke combo.

The eyepoke caused his opponent Bruno Silva, to drop. As the referee intervened to halt the match, Weidman continued to deliver blows to Silva.

Initially declared a TKO victory for Weidman, the decision was later amended to a win by unanimous decision. However, this decision left many fans dissatisfied. Fans believed that Weidman’s actions warranted disqualification.


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Fans took to social media platforms to express their discontent with the outcome.

One fan remarked: “That should’ve been a DQ win for Silva or at the very least a no contest. Weidman clearly poked Silva in that last sequence.Big miss by the commission in New Jersey.”

The controversial nature of Weidman’s victory sparked heated debate among MMA enthusiasts. Another fan voiced their frustration, stating: “Getting a stoppage with a 1-2 of egregious eye pokes and only having it changed to a UD instead of NC or DQ is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve seen in a while. MMA is not a real sport man”

Even former interim lightweight champion and reigning BMF champion Justin Gaethje criticized the UFC by saying: “Too bad UFC don ‘t want to change those sh*t gloves.”

Weidman was in a joyful mood, ignoring the many jabs at him that he was accountable for. UFC color analyst Paul Felder said that considering his injuries and the difficult time he was going through, all that mattered to him was getting back into the winner’s column.

However, eye pokes are still not legal. According to the regulations, there should be no contest if an eye poke prevents a competitor from continuing. A disqualification might also be taken into consideration if the eye poke is shown to have been deliberate or if it has been a repeated infraction.