(Video) Chinese zoo doubles down on denials that they feature man dressed as a bear, release snack video

Angela, the Malayan sun bear, is embracing her carefree existence despite the skeptics raising doubts about her authenticity. Recent images, posted online, capture Angela at Hangzhou Zoo in China, indulging in her bear-like activities and dismissing the speculation that she might be a human in disguise.

In these snapshots, the 4-year-old sensation, which some onlookers have questioned as potentially a person donning a bear costume, is seen relishing her meal, devouring a cucumber while lounging on a rock. Another image showcases her adorably clutching a carrot, exuding her innate bear behavior.

Even a presumed zoo employee participated, offering Angela watermelon and other treats. Beyond the culinary delights, Angela’s day was filled with aquatic adventures, socializing with another bear, and playfully engaging with zoo visitors.

Weighing about half the size of an American black bear and characterized by their stocky build, sun bears such as Angela possess distinct traits. Males, reaching up to 150 pounds, stand about 5 feet long, slightly larger than their female counterparts.

Angela, once a subject of wild rumors due to a viral video depicting her standing on her hind legs and waving, was even suspected of being a human in disguise. The way she stood and her skin folds led some to speculate she might be a person rather than a bear.

Despite these speculations, the Hangzhou Zoo clarified that Angela is indeed a sun bear. A statement allegedly from Angela herself responded to the speculation, asserting that her posture does not indicate human attributes.

The zoo spokesperson addressed the skeptics, noting that a human would find it uncomfortable in a bear costume, particularly in the sweltering summer temperatures reaching 100 degrees. They emphasized that Angela’s behavior aligns with that of a genuine sun bear.

Support for Angela and the zoo’s stance emerged from other parts of the world. Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire, England, showcased their sun bears, underscoring that these bears might appear human-like when standing but naturally exhibit such behavior.

In the midst of the controversy and the ensuing discussions, Angela continues to relish her life as a sun bear, showcasing her authentic behaviors and dismissing the notion of being a human impersonator.