(Video) China zoo refutes claims that they’re featuring man in sun bear costume

A peculiar video of a black bear at Hangzhou Zoo in China has caused a stir, with some speculating that the bear is not what it seems.

The viral video captures the bear standing on its hind legs, playfully interacting with visitors by waving its paws, a sight that has left many incredulous.

Despite the zoo’s assurance that the talented bear is, in fact, a genuine animal, skepticism remains among netizens. One individual who posted the video on social media firmly believes that the bear is no bear at all but rather a human donning a cleverly crafted costume.

Hangzhou Zoo swiftly addressed the allegations, vehemently denying any truth to the claims. The zoo explained that the video was taken on a sweltering day, with temperatures reaching a scorching 40 degrees Celsius. In such conditions, the zoo asserted, it would be implausible for a person to bear the heat while wearing a costume.

However, this did little to assuage the doubts, and some observers continued to insist that the bear’s movements were uncannily human-like, with peculiar folds resembling pants around its rear when standing upright.

A report by Jimu News further fueled the controversy, suggesting that the bear’s posture and gestures were remarkably human, intensifying the debate.

Commenters on the Jimu article expressed their doubts, with one remarking that the bear’s posture was even more upright than that of humans, while another boldly stated that the bear’s forelimbs were inappropriately spread out, unmistakably resembling those of a human.

One Weibo user humorously commented that the bear appeared to be sporting a leather jacket.

This is not the first time a Chinese zoo has faced criticism for questionable exhibits. In a past incident, Yancheng Wild Animal World in Changzhou caused a stir when zookeepers were spotted jumping around the gorilla enclosure in full-body gorilla costumes. The zoo justified the spectacle as an April Fool’s Day prank, although it sparked considerable controversy.

Similarly, a zoo in Luohe, Henan made headlines when it tried to pass off a large hairy dog as an African lion. Various animals in the park were mislabeled, with a Tibetan mastiff masquerading as a furry beast in the lion enclosure and a dog in the wolf cage.