(Video) Charles Oliveira drilled the exact head kick sequence that led to Beneil Dariush TKO at UFC 289

Footage recently emerged of Charles Oliveira flawlessly executing the same head kick that secured his victory over Beneil Dariush at UFC 289. This spectacular move propelled Oliveira closer to a coveted UFC lightweight title shot, leaving fans and experts in awe of his skills.

In their clash in Vancouver last weekend, Oliveira made his mark by halting Dariush’s momentum and asserting his dominance. The Brazilian dynamo wasted no time as he unleashed a barrage of strikes, catching Dariush off guard with a sudden head kick. Although Dariush managed to bring Oliveira down to the ground and land some ground and pound, he couldn’t keep the resilient Oliveira at bay.

Just a few minutes later, Oliveira delivered the decisive strike to end the contest as he startled Dariush with one more head kick. The former champion can now be seen practising a one-two combo followed by his trademark head kick during the week in a video posted by Oliveira’s sponsor.

Following his win over Dariush, Oliveira now wants to compete against UFC lightweight champion Islam Makhachev in what promises to be an epic rematch. Despite Oliveira’s unfortunate loss to Makhachev in their previous encounter last October, the Brazilian combatant remains undeterred.

Confident in his abilities, Oliveira firmly believes that a second showdown with Makhachev will unfold in his favor. However, early odds have positioned the reigning champion as the overwhelming favorite in this potential rematch.

For Oliveira, the victory against Dariush holds significant meaning. It symbolizes the end of a tumultuous losing streak on Canadian soil. Prior to this momentous win, Oliveira had competed in four matches in Canada. All of them ended in Oliveira’s defeat.

Finally, the curse has been shattered. Oliveira expressed his profound gratitude for the overwhelming support he received from the Vancouver crowd.

After knocking out Beneil Dariush, Oliveira stated: “It was like a movie in my head. Most of my losses happened here and being able to come here and have a standing ovation from the crowd, it felt like I was inside a community, it felt like I was in Brazil. These are things that will never be forgotten.”

“I tried to control myself during my walkout but I ended up crying, but then I took a deep breath to go back to the wins — and I went there and won. After everything that was said, to have a standing ovation is something I’ll never forget.”

“I’m a Brazilian and I know I have fans all around the world, and to come here to Canada, where I had never won before, and be cheered like that, I’ll never forget.”