(Video) Charles Oliveira called out for bullying after video of him smashing an amateur emerges

Former UFC lightweight champion Charles Oliveira was caught on video beating an amateur mixed martial artist in a sparring session.

Recently, a video of Charles Oliveira’s strange sparring session surfaced online. In the clip, the Brazilian can be seen beating up his opponent pretty severely. The video went viral with people believing that ‘do Bronx’ went too far.

The clip started with Oliveira delivering several punches before landing a powerful body kick. The kick certainly did significant damage as his partner can be seen hunched  over in agony. But, Charles continued to hit him on the head.

The clip cut to them still in a sparring session. However, this time, his partner is on his knees covering his head on the ground while Oliveira is working on his ground and pound.

MMA fans were outraged watching the clip without context. However, some sources said that his partner is actually his friend, Leonardo Novaes. The gym, Chute Boxe, is known for hard and serious sparring sessions. The ground and pound clip is also from another round of the session.

Leonardo Novaes himself is an active TikToker where he would make content of him going against professional mixed martial artists. In his TikTok videos, Novaes would make videos to get ‘beat up’ by professionals.

The video clip was taken from Oliveira’s time preparing to face Justin Gaethje before he was stripped. Original clip has since been taken off the internet.

Charles Oliveira is set to headline another UFC big event against rising star Islam Makhachev. The belt has been vacated after Oliveira failed to make weight for UFC 274 back in May. After defeating Gaethje, Oliveira is set to compete for the vacant lightweight belt. The pair will go toe-to-toe at UFC 280 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates this October.