(Video) ‘British boxer’ had to be restrained after trying to open plane door during flight

A surprising incident occurred on a recent flight when a British boxer tried to open the plane door, leading to his immediate restraint.

The incident took place at Zadar Airport in Zemunik Donji, Croatia. The 27-year-old individual was accused of ‘disrupting public order and peace in a particularly brazen and indecent manner.’

The disruptive incident unfolded during a Ryanair flight scheduled to travel from Zadar to London Stansted, resulting in the aircraft’s return to the stand.

The circumstances surrounding the incident reveal that a significant number of passengers on the flight were attendees of the Hideout Festival, held on the island of Pag between June 25th and 29th.

A video capturing the incident was shared on TikTok with the caption, “Lad wanted to open the door mid-flight, going from Hideout Festival, Croatia.”

The BNN reported that although the passenger has been identified as a professional boxer, his name has not yet been disclosed by official sources. According to the Zadar Police Department, the man was taken to the Criminal Misdemeanor Department of the Municipal Court in Zadar after his arrest at the scene.

The department’s statement details the completion of a criminal investigation against the British citizen. He is suspected of coercing an official and committing a misdemeanor under Article 6 of the Act on offenses against public order and peace.

Throughout his interaction with the police, the suspect exhibited consistent active resistance. Due to his visibly distracted state, the court decided to send him to the hospital. This is where then physically assaulted police officers both in the official vehicle and within the hospital premises.

He also attempted to harm himself, resulting in minor physical injuries sustained by a police officer.

Following the conclusion of the criminal investigation, the 27-year-old British citizen was handed over to the custody supervisor of the Zadar Police Department.

Ryanair expressed its apologies to the affected passengers for any inconvenience caused by the disruptive behavior of the individual.

A spokesperson for the company told LADbible: “This flight from Zadar to London Stansted (30 June) returned to stand when an individual passenger became disruptive while preparing for take-off. The passenger was removed from the aircraft by local police before this flight continued safely to London Stansted.”

“This is now a matter for local police. We sincerely apologise to affected passengers for any inconvenience caused as a result of this passenger’s disruptive behaviour.”