(Video) Brawl breaks out at BKFC press conference

On Thursday, BKFC conducted a press conference ahead of Knuckle Mania 3. Although the card is still a month away, fans got a preview of what they would see as Mike Richman and Lorenzo Hunt exchanged blows on stage, finally knocking it to the ground.

Austin Trout and Diego Sanchez also discussed their bare-knuckle debuts. Both have distinguished MMA and boxing histories, and they are certain that their abilities will translate to the squared circle.

Trout said,

“I’m going to beat him up until he can’t get beat up no more Now, if that means somebody stops it, he stops it, or the time runs out, either way, I’m just going to keep beating him up.”

Sanchez stated:

“Once I get these hands on you, it’s not like a normal hand. There’s adjustments that are being made, that are micro-movements that you won’t even feel, that you won’t even know about.”

There were a lot of questions about if the commission would even clear Sanchez to compete due to his self admitted cognitive decline over the years.

A surprise combatant was also added to the program by BKFC. Former NFL defensive end and UFC veteran Greg Hardy will be joining the event as well. It would be his first BKFC bout. Hardy noted that the history of New Mexican combat sports and the locals helped him make the choice to compete.

Hardy said:

“It’s a dope place, they’re about fighting. It’s right down the street from home, my kind of people, the best names in the business headlining the biggest event that the business has had. What better way to make by debut in BKFC.”

On Friday, February 17, Knuckle Mania 3 will take place at Tingley Colosseum. According to BKFC, more tickets have already been sold than during the previous card in August.