(Video) Boxer’s sister swings at opponent during Adin Ross boxing event

During a recent influencer boxing event organized by Adin Ross, chaos erupted as tensions flared in the ring. Ross, a prominent streamer and social media personality, has been gaining traction on the streaming scene, particularly after being permanently banned from Twitch and migrating exclusively to the live streaming platform ‘Kick’. Among his various content offerings, Ross hosts a popular boxing event dubbed ‘Brand Risk Boxing’, showcasing emerging influencers and content creators.

The event, held at the platform’s warehouse and streamed exclusively on Kick, saw its second installment recently, following a successful inaugural event in January. With matchups featuring rising stars such as Kaleema vs. Lovenini, JustxSnagz vs. Keife, and the highly anticipated main event between Deshae Frost and King Cid, anticipation was high among fans.

However, the excitement of the main event took a turbulent turn when an altercation ensued involving Frost’s sister. Despite the absence of a live audience in the warehouse, numerous attendees, including friends and family of the competitors, gathered to witness the matches up close. As Frost and Cid engaged in a heated battle, exchanging blows in a competitive back-and-forth, tensions reached a boiling point.

In a pivotal moment, Cid allegedly resorted to a dirty move, pushing Frost with his elbow toward the ropes, where Frost’s sister was positioned. Reacting swiftly, Frost’s sister intervened by swinging her hands at Cid, landing multiple blows in the process.

The situation quickly escalated, with Frost’s sister expressing her anger toward Cid as he retreated to a corner of the ring. Efforts were made to defuse the confrontation, with Ross, situated in the commentary booth, observing the unfolding chaos with confusion.

After tempers subsided, the match resumed, with Cid staging a remarkable comeback in the later rounds, landing significant punches and ultimately securing victory via decision. Despite the dramatic turn of events, the event continued, leaving spectators and viewers alike captivated by the unexpected twists and turns of influencer boxing.