(Video): Boxer Stomps On Opponent’s Head After Knockdown – Gets DQed

An ugly moment in combat sports happened in Bolivia between Saul Farah and Pedro Tabares. At the end of the fight where Farah was knocked out and floored. Tabares decided to let his wrath take control and started to punch and stomp Farah who was on the canvas seemingly unresponsive.

Saul Farah is a pretty well-known heavyweight boxer in Bolivia. He was fighting a pretty promising prospect who was starting his professional boxing debut, Pedro Tabares. Tabares got a title shot against the champion Saul Farah.

At first the fight was pretty normal. Tabares was surprisingly dominating the fight. In the sixth round, Tabares managed to knock Farah out by delivering a combination of punches. However, he found a way to ruin his victory.

Tabares punched Farah who was half-conscious and even stomped on his head. The ref struggled to hold off Tabares for a good second but managed to separate him from Farah eventually.

The two went on to have a rematch later that same year. The rematch lasted whole 12 rounds with Farah coming out dominant. In the very last round Farah appeared to have put Tabares down having landed a hard left to the right side of his head. Following some massive shots after the fight was reset the referee stepped in and declared Farah victor by way of TKO in round 12. Farah gained the interim Bolivian heavyweight title in the rematch.