(Video) Boxer obliterates alleged Muay Thai practitioner under boxing rules leaving MMA fans furious

In a recent viral video, a Muay Thai artist faced off against a boxer. The two faced off within a tiny square area that was only enclosed by cones and chains.

In the video capturing the showdown, the boxer swiftly seized control, pushing the Muay Thai artist onto the defensive. With precision, he delivered straight punches to his opponent’s face, seamlessly intertwining them with strategic body shots. Echoing the style of legends like Mike Tyson, the boxer adeptly weaved and slipped through punches to engage in close-quarters combat, ultimately securing victory by nearly decapitating his Muay Thai counterpart.

The boxer sported a casual outfit of jeans and a baggy T-shirt. However, his attire didn’t diminish the impact of his boxing skills. Displaying remarkable skills, he not only dominated the bout but also showboated to entertain the audience.

Muay Thai and Boxing are two distinct sports, and the difference became evident in their bout. The Muay Thai artist struggled to match the speed and movement of his boxing opponent. Despite the loss, he exhibited exemplary sportsmanship at the match’s conclusion.

The brains behind this thrilling event was Nurideen Shahid (also known as Deen The Great). He is a renowned YouTuber and influencer with a record of five wins in influencer boxing. Notably, Shahid faced Walid Sharks on the KSI vs Tommy Fury card.

The clash between Muay Thai and Boxing sparked widespread discussion. It started a debate on whether boxing reigns supreme as the ultimate martial art. Critics argued that the bout was unfair, emphasizing the Thai artist’s lack of traditional weapons like knees, elbows, and kicks.

These same factors contributed to the success of mixed martial arts as a sport. It was a massive convergence of all martial arts, including Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, boxing, wrestling, and many more.