(Video) Boxer KOs opponent, the ref doesn’t realize it

Jaime Munguia showcased his prowess with a commanding victory over John Ryder on a memorable Saturday night in Phoenix, Arizona.

In a display of skill and power, the Mexican floored the British contender four times. He ended up compelling Ryder’s corner to call off the match in the ninth round. This victory propels Munguia to an impressive record of 43-0, with 34 victories coming by way of knockout.

The bout started with a cautious first round, both boxers displaying strategic restraint without overcommitting early on.

The dynamics shifted dramatically in the second round when Munguia unleashed a rapid combination of Ryder’s head and body, resulting in a knockdown.

Despite the setback, Ryder displayed resilience by recovering and holding on until the bell rang. He retaliated in the third, showcasing moments of success. This was marked by a positive comeback after the early knockdown.

Round four saw Ryder regaining momentum, only to falter due to a careless mistake. Munguia capitalized, scoring a jab knockdown in the final seconds.

As the match progressed, Ryder remained competitive. He delivered excellent counters in rounds six and seven.

In the eighth, Munguia picked up the pace again and wounded him. This caused all of Ryder’s efforts to come crashing down.

But Ryder surprised the Mexican with a powerful counterleft hook in an exciting round, forcing him to hold and back off.

The climax arrived in round nine when Munguia landed a colossal right hand, securing a third knockdown. This quickly led to a fourth, prompting Ryder’s corner to intervene and end the match.

In an unusual twist, referee Wes Melton seemed unaware of the match being stopped. Ryder’s and Munguia’s teams attempted to alert him, but it wasn’t until officials at ringside rang the bell midway through the round that Melton acknowledged the conclusion.

Eyeing a bigger challenge, Munguia expressed his eagerness to face Canelo Alvarez. He stated: “It will be a great fight among Mexicans. If Canelo gives us a chance, it would be an honour to be in the same ring as him.”