(Video) Boston Bruins’ Frederic drops rival with just ONE quick hit

In a heated match on Thursday night, Bruins’ Trent Frederic wasted no time in taking down Lane Pederson of the Columbus Blue Jackets after the latter cross-checked Boston’s captain, Patrice Bergeron, in the face.

Pederson was penalized for the offense with a two-minute penalty, but Frederic was not content with this punishment and took matters into his own hands.

Frederic and Pederson faced each other, and with just one quick punch, Frederic knocked Pederson to the ground.

The Bruins’ teammates showed their support for Frederic’s actions by banging on the boards after the scrap.

Trent Frederic seeks payback on Lane Pederson for cross-checking Patrice Bergeron in the face

Frederic only needed one punch to Pederson’s chin to knock him down

Pederson quickly tumbled to the ground after Frederic’s punch landed on his chin

Reactions from Bruins’ Tyler Bertuzzi after the game were in awe of Frederic’s punch, as he commented, “That was a good punch. I don’t know what else to say.”

With this scrap, it was Frederic’s seventh of the year, putting him in the top eight for most frequent scrappers in the entire NHL season.

Despite the intense game, the Bruins were able to secure a win with a 2-1 overtime victory.