(Video) Bodybuilder who keeps challenging MMA stars taken down by man half his size

Bradley Martyn is an internet fitness influencer who gained prominence in the MMA world by boldly challenging professional competitors.

Martyn is confident in his ability to take on the likes of Demetrious Johnson, Nate Diaz, and other pros in a brawl. He believes his significant weight advantage would secure victory. However, a recent viral video circulating on social media shows Martyn being humbled by an unexpected opponent.

In a video a fan challenged Bradley Martyn to a takedown contest. The fan appeared almost half his size. Despite Martyn’s imposing 260-pound physique, the fan managed to execute a takedown in just 20 seconds. This unexpected defeat contradicted Martyn’s earlier claims of winning a street brawl over professional MMA athletes.

Martyn’s bold assertions of defeating professional combatants in street brawls invited backlash from the MMA community. Even on his podcast, he confronted Nate Diaz, Aljamain Sterling, Chuck Liddell, and more. This ended up intensifying criticism from the MMA community.

Despite lacking a background in combat sports, Bradley Martyn’s unrealistic claims expose his naivety. However, he once challenged former YouTube star Logan Paul to an MMA bout. But the matchup never occurred.

MMA combatants have a devoted fan following. They rally to defend the combatants when Martyn makes such claims. Martyn’s defeat at the hands of a smaller fan in the viral video became an opportunity for MMA enthusiasts to mock his past statements.

Here are some noteworthy comments:

“I m glad this happened to him”

“muscles only benefit you in a fight if you actually know how to fight.
This guy thinks he can fight just because he’s big. That ain’t how it works.”

“Bradley Martyn is a prime example of just because you abuse st**oids doesn’t mean you can fight 😭”

“You gotta train grappling Bradley. Strength only factors in when the other doesn’t know what they’re doing.”

“And bro probably only has high school wrestling experience”