(Video) Bob Sapp has a 6 pack at 49, as he readies for a Siamese boxing contest

Famous actor and mixed martial artist Bob Sapp has been causing a stir as he prepares for the next team event at Fight Circus. Former UFC light heavyweight champion Rampage Jackson will be teaming up with Sapp for this highly anticipated event. Fans can’t wait to see how they perform.

On April 1st, Fight Circus will hold an event with two well-known PRIDE veterans. The event will feature both Rampage Jackson and Bob Sapp. The pair won’t be engaging in traditional MMA contests or going head-to-head this time. Instead, the organization has chosen a more unusual strategy, tying the two fighters for a Siamese boxing contest.

Rampage and Sapp will be tied together for this one-of-a-kind competition. The pair will compete against two opponents: Bangtao coach Andrew Wood and the event’s promoter Jon Nutt. With the competitors’ movements being constrained, the match promises to be both fascinating and surprising.

The idea of stunt show bouts and odd matchups has long existed in the MMA community. Full Metal Dojo is a well-known MMA organization located in Thailand. They are raising the bar with their most recent endeavor.

The major emphasis of Fight Circus is Pop-MMA. It involves amateurs or non-professional fighters with little to no mixed martial arts experience or formal training. The contests often include bizarre and outrageous situations.

A small video of Jackson and Sapp working out together was previously released by Full Metal Dojo, and it quickly gained popularity among fans. The actual event promises to provide the same fun and unconventional matchup that has come to be associated with Fight Circus.