(Video) BKFC’s Mike Perry: Men need to ‘stop being liberals’ and start assaulting women

Mike Perry recently stirred controversy with his post-BKFC 56 victory speech, sparking discussions and criticism within the combat sports community.

In the aftermath of his win, Perry’s comments garnered attention as he seemingly condoned inappropriate behavior and made derogatory statements about women. He urged men to ‘man up’ and regressively suggested women belong in the kitchen.

After winning the BKFC 56 on Saturday, Perry stated: “Men gotta stand up, bro. We have to man up. We gotta stop being liberals. We gotta start grabbing women by the p*ssy again. Point blank period, get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich, bro.”

“I got work to do. I’m here to feed the family, okay? I feed us. I feed our pockets and you feed our mouths and then we feed each other and I feed off of you and that watery little playground you got down there.”

This isn’t the first time Perry has started a controversy. He defended his use of the N-word by claiming that a DNA test had shown he was 2% African.

Perry was also caught on camera in 2020 cursing at an elderly man in a Texas restaurant. He then ended up punching the man and rendering him unconscious. In the process, Perry was also heard yelling a racist slur.

Despite the controversies surrounding him, Perry’s success in the BKFC has garnered a fan following. His unorthodox persona is reminiscent of current UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland.

Returning to the ring in Salt Lake City, Perry secured a win against former UFC champion Eddie Alvarez. With this win, he solidified his undefeated record in BKFC and earned the title of the first BKFC ‘King of Violence.’

Eddie Alvarez defeated Chad Mendes in a split decision during his promotional debut earlier this year. With his current loss, his record stands at 1-1 in the BKFC.

While Perry’s victory was significant in BKFC 56, his comments after the match have sparked debates about sportsmanship and acceptable behavior in combat sports.