(Video) Bike thief makes a stop to cuddle the family dog: ‘I love you, too’

In a surprising turn of events, a bike thief in San Diego has captured the hearts of many after he paused to show affection to a household dog before making off with the stolen bicycle.

The incident, caught on camera by San Diego police and shared on TikTok, has left viewers amused and even calling for leniency for the unlikely suspect.

The video depicts a man attempting to leave a garage with a stolen bike when he encounters a friendly golden retriever who seems insistent on joining him. Instead of hurrying away, the man takes a moment to engage with the excited dog. He gently ushers the dog back into the garage and proceeds to share an endearing cuddle session.

In a heartwarming moment, he cups the dog’s face in his hands and plants a kiss on its head. “You’re the coolest dog I’ve ever known,” he affectionately remarks, continuing with, “I love you too. You’re a sweetheart, I want you to come home with me.”

While the man’s actions may have initially raised eyebrows due to his bike theft, he takes an unexpected turn by addressing the homeowner’s responsibility.

Between belly rubs, he humorously questions why the garage door was left open with a dog inside, even shouting, “Dad? Where are you?” in a light-hearted attempt to communicate with the homeowner.

The heartwarming encounter ends with the man departing on the stolen bike, leaving the retriever looking slightly dejected. Social media users have been quick to share their amusement, with some commenting that they wouldn’t press charges due to the touching interaction.

Others playfully suggest that the dog might have offered a guided tour of the house and even the safe combination.

Amid the smiles and chuckles, the man assures the household that he will return the bike before leaving. While it remains uncertain whether he kept his word, the unlikely connection between the bike thief and the household dog has left a lasting impression on many.

This incident serves as a reminder that even in unexpected situations, moments of genuine connection and compassion can arise, touching the hearts of both the participants and the audience alike.