(Video) Bellator’s Cris Lencioni tries to walk again, Bellator gets shamed for not contributing

Bellator veteran Cris Lencioni recently suffered a cardiac arrest in training earlier last month. He now seems to have made significant strides in his recovery. The 28-year-old featherweight is showing indications of improved cognitive function. He is also making an effort to carry on a conversation while speaking through a valve.

On June 8, Lencioni experienced a sudden heart attack during his training camp for the Bellator 298 event. Prompt action was taken by his gym partners who immediately called for emergency medical services and provided care until the arrival of paramedics. Subsequently, doctors diagnosed him with brain damage resulting from a lack of oxygen supply to the brain.

In a recent interview, Lencioni’s wife shared an update on his condition and treatment plan. She revealed that doctors are considering the installation of an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator to mitigate the risk of future heart-related issues.

She expressed hope and gratitude, stating: “He’s still got a while until he’s ready to leave, and we are still looking into alternative treatment options. They dropped the [long-term acute care hospital] center after seeing how quickly he was progressing… But he’s young, and he’s doing really well now, so the tune has changed.”

To aid in covering the extensive treatment costs, a GoFundMe campaign has been started. The initiative has garnered significant attention, with donations surpassing $60,000.

Many are questioning why Bellator isn’t helping with the balooning financial costs considering this injury happened while Lencioni was in camp.

In stead of providing financial support, Bellator shared the gofundme on their social media hoping to help with the crowdfunding effort.

When the organization started getting flamed in mentions, they limited who could reply to the post in a shameful display.

Lencioni is looking at an uphill battle considering it’s unclear if he can regain his life back fully. The first 6 months of recovery are crucial for anoxia.

Meanwhile Bellator is shopping around for offers with PFL rumored to be in the running to purchase them.