(Video) ‘Batman’ scores win after a memorable bat mask entrance

In a thrilling night of martial arts action at ONE Friday Fights, Batman Or Atchariya emerged as a true superhero, securing victory in dramatic fashion. His unique and unforgettable entrance, featuring a Batman mask without the traditional costume, left a lasting impression on fans.

The showdown saw Batman Or Atchariya facing off against Rungsangtawan Sor Parrat in a Muay Thai bout with a catchweight limit of 136 lbs. The action was intense, but Batman Or Atchariya’s left uppercut proved to be the decisive blow, resulting in a knockout just 1 minute and 37 seconds into the first round.

However, Batman Or Atchariya wasn’t the only star to shine at ONE Friday Fights. Sagaengarm Jitmuangnon showcased incredible skills in a catchweight 112 lbs Muay Thai contest against Ploykhao VK Khaoyai. The event ended with Sagaengarm’s victory via TKO due to a referee stoppage at just 45 seconds into the third round.

The event featured a series of exciting matchups, with each star displaying their unique talents and techniques. In the catchweight 120 lbs Muay Thai clash, Jomhod VK Khaoyai emerged victorious with a unanimous decision against Petparuehat Sitnayoktaweeptaphong. Similarly, Patakaek Theppakin secured a unanimous decision victory over Prikthaidam Jitmuangnon in the bantamweight Muay Thai category.

The catchweight 145.4 lbs Muay Thai bout saw Kiamran Nabati delivering an impressive performance, earning a unanimous decision victory against Pongsiri PK Saenchai. Meanwhile, Sajad Sattari triumphed over Rambo Mor Rattanabandit in the bantamweight Muay Thai category, also with a unanimous decision.

In the featherweight Muay Thai division, Mohammed Boutasaa showcased his skills and secured a unanimous decision victory against Furkan Karabag. The lightweight Muay Thai contest witnessed Chanajon PK Saenchai emerging victorious in a split decision against George Jarvis.

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The night also featured some stunning finishes. Phetchumpair Highland Gym delivered a powerful right punch combo, resulting in a knockout victory over Lisa Brierley in the catchweight 112 lbs Muay Thai matchup. In an MMA catchweight bout at 120.8 lbs, Jihin Radzuan displayed her submission prowess, forcing Jenelyn Olsim to tap out via armbar at 1 minute and 34 seconds into the third round.

Lastly, Dedduanglek Tded99 and Black Panther secured unanimous decision victories in their respective Muay Thai bouts against Kongsuk Fairtex and Suriyanlek Por Yenying in the flyweight category.