(Video) Barboza breaking down how he knocked out Billy Q to Billy Q is pure comedy gold

Edson Barboza is a highly acclaimed Brazilian striker with a history of spectacular highlights in the UFC. He made his way to the co-main event of UFC Kansas City to face off against Billy Quarantillo.

Barboza had previously moved down to featherweight and despite suffering back-to-back losses, he remained the fourteenth-ranked in the division.

However, his age of 37 was beginning to show, especially after his last against Bryce Mitchell, where he struggled against grappling techniques.

On the other hand, Quarantillo, known for his high-paced style, was eager to prove himself and climb up the rankings at 145-lbs. He utilized his multi-faceted attack of wrestling and striking to break into the featherweight rankings.

The action began with Quarantillo landing an overhand into a single leg takedown, forcing Barboza to the fence. However, Barboza quickly regained his position and attempted to use his explosive striking, particularly his signature leg kicks.

Quarantillo was relentless in his pursuit and constantly pressed forward, not giving Barboza much space to work with.

Despite landing some good shots, Barboza found himself in the clinch once again after Quarantillo attempted a single leg takedown from far out. However, as Quarantillo charged forward, Barboza threw a high knee that Quarantillo ran right into, resulting in a knockout.

The win marks another high-light reel finish for Barboza, who had previously defeated Beneil Dariush with a flying knee in 2017. Fans of the sport were undoubtedly pleased to see Barboza back in the win column and producing another unforgettable highlight.

In the end, Edson Barboza emerged victorious with a first-round knockout of Billy Quarantillo by way of a high knee at the 2:35.


When all was said and done Barboza shared some interesting details with Quarantillo going so far as to demonstrate setup for the knee in the octagon in the immediate aftermath.