(Video) Awkward? Volkanovski walks in on Ilia Topuria wearing UFC belt

In an eagerly anticipated showdown this Saturday, UFC featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski aims to secure his sixth title defense against the formidable Ilia Topuria. The stage for this intense battle is set at UFC 298, unfolding in Anaheim, California.

Volkanovski recently faced a setback in his recent bout against Islam Makhachev in a short-notice lightweight title shot. However, he retains his stronghold as the featherweight champion, boasting an undefeated record at 145 pounds.

A recent video shows Ilia Topuria wearing the UFC featherweight belt and posing with it. This begs the question: Why does Topuria sport a belt, and what prompts the UFC to conduct a photoshoot with him holding the gold?

Volkanovski appears unfazed by this in the video. He offers advice to Topuria asking him to “make the most of it” because the belt won’t be in his possession after their actual clash on Saturday night. Despite the upcoming fierce competition, the two competitors maintain a commendable level of friendliness and mutual respect in the video.

Based on assumptions, Topuria or the UFC want title photographs of the winning combatant. They want pictures where the face isn’t damaged like it usually is after winning a belt.

On the other hand, Topuria has promoted himself on Instagram as a ‘UFC world champion.’ He is producing a documentary titled ‘Road To The Belt’. So Topuria may just be manifesting his way to a title.

So far, everything he’s doing seems to be working. Boasting an impressive 14-0 record at the age of 27, Topuria possesses a skill set that poses a considerable challenge for any contender in the 145-pound division.

However, Volkanovski is no ordinary opponent. Considered one of the best in the world, Volkanovski possesses exceptional strength as well as wrestling skills. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most captivating matchups in recent memory. Only time will tell if Volkanovski will be able to retain his featherweight title.