(Video) Australian calls it quits after a body shot causes him to go number two in round one

In a remarkable turn of events, ONE Friday Fights 34 saw an interesting matchup between Kulabdam Sor Jor Piek Uthai and Tyson Harrison. Their comeback was highly anticipated, considering the stellar performances both combatants had delivered in the past.

But it seems like the match did not go as expected. Harrison had to stop competing as he ended up s**tting himself in the middle of the match.

Right from the opening bell, it was evident that Kulabdam was in control. He relentlessly pushed Harrison, who appeared increasingly uncomfortable. This dominance persisted, leaving the Australian combatant struggling to find his footing. Ultimately, the referee had no choice but to declare Kulabdam the victor.

The match was quite strange, but things got clear afterwards. In a candid Instagram post, Harrison revealed: “Legit f*****. One punch in the stomach. Full sh*t myself and tell me how I’m suppose to keep fighting you know.”

Harrison explained that in the first round, he suffered a blow to the stomach which resulted in an unfortunate turn of events. This unexpected incident understandably disrupted his ability to perform at his best.

Harrison was disappointed but acknowledged the unfortunate nature of the situation, especially in such a pivotal match. He was ultimately declared the loser via KO.

Preparation for a bout demands unwavering focus and dedication. Inside the ring, circumstances can change in an instant.

Combatants navigate through a myriad of challenges, always striving for victory. But experiencing such an incident during a bout is an uncommon and peculiar challenge, as exemplified by Tyson Harrison.

The combat sports community was taken aback by this unprecedented event. Many expressed their disbelief, labeling it as one of the most unfortunate occurrences in the sport. Some lightened the mood by speculating if Harrison had consumed something ill-advised prior to stepping into the ring.