(Video) Aussie boxer scores surprise win after opponent’s leg collapses like it’s made of Legos

Irish boxer Darragh Foley surprised everyone when he won the match against Robbie Davies Jr. Davies Jr.  attempted to continue the match despite suffering a graphic ankle injury.

Davies was boxing in front of his home crowd in Liverpool, England. In the first round, he got off to a strong start against Foley. But in the second round, a right hook from his opponent dropped Davies and he ended up sustaining an ankle injury.

Davies got up on his feet and ended up making it to the conclusion of the round. However, Davies was visibly compromised going into the third round. He was then dropped for the second time.

This time, the Englishman’s ankle fully collapsed. This caused the bout to be stopped.

Fans started leaving comments on social media as soon as they saw the injury. Some of the comments are as follows:

“Tell you what. Robbie Davies Jr is one hard motherf*****. To stand up after that ankle injury almost instantly takes serious cajones.”

“That’s a nasty one for Robbie Davies Jr. What a horrible one for him. How the f*** did he get back up?! Grimaced a bit at that one.”

“Gutted for Robbie Davies Jr there. Some pain threshold though, seemed more gutted about not being able carry on than his ankle snapping.”

The 33-year-old Davies lost three of his past seven games.