(Video) Attempted flying knee ends with devastating Groin attack

At a recent mixed martial arts event in Russia, an uncommon and unfortunate incident occurred. While in mid-air, an athlete suffered a groin attack, resulting in a moment of unexpected pain and disruption.

It’s important to note that hitting the groin is considered an illegal move in the UFC and many other MMA promotions. Purposefully targeting this sensitive area can lead to disqualification.

However, if the strike is deemed accidental, the attacker will not be disqualified, and the match will be declared a no-contest.

The affected athlete is granted additional break time, in hopes of continuing the bouy.

MMA professionals are required to wear protective cups to safeguard their groin area. Nevertheless, this gear provides limited protection. A forceful strike to the groin can cause immense pain and discomfort.

There’s also a difference in the type of cups that are worn. Some prefer steel cups while other use softer ones. Demetrius Johnson is a big advocate for the steel cup.

Groin shots occur more frequently in MMA than many people realize. While most cases are not fatal, they can still have a significant impact on an athlete’s ability to continue competing. In some instances, a well-placed groin shot can render an athlete unable to continue.

In the recent bout in Russia, a man accidentally struck his opponent in the groin. The circumstances surrounding this incident were quite unique. During the middle of the third round, both attempted their respective strikes. One threw a straight punch while the other aimed for a flying knee.

Unfortunately, the punch landed directly on the opponent’s groin area while he was airborne. Although it may sound comical, the recipient of the blow experienced a significant impact and was seen doubled over in pain on the canvas. From all indications, the incident was purely accidental.

Even in the high-profile UFC, groin attacks can happen. The most recent occurrence involved the new heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, during his match against Ciryl Gane for the vacant lightweight belt.

Just a few seconds into the first round, Gane unintentionally kicked Jones in the groin. Fortunately, Jones managed to continue despite the discomfort and ultimately secured victory over Gane via a first-round submission.

Groin strikes are another area of MMA that needs to be regulated more consistently. Even in the UFC there’s a leeway in how the kicks are penalized. And it’s not often, that a kick to the groin results in a point deduction.