(Video) Astrid Wett gets in a scrap at KSI press conference

OnlyFans star Astrid Wett made headlines at the KSI vs Joe Fournier press conference held last Thursday at Wembley Arena. The presser was meant to promote the latest Misfits Boxing card, which features KSI vs Joe Fournier as the main event.

However, things took an unexpected turn when Wett got physical altercation with rival Alexia Grace.

While all the boxers were seated on the stage in front of the media, Grace, a former flight attendant, appeared to throw water at Wett, which led to a swift response.

Wett lost her temper and began hurling punches, which prompted security to step in and break up the melee. Wett nearly suffered a wardrobe malfunction during the incident.

As the two were being separated, Wett screamed at Grace, “I am coming for you, you little f*ing b**!” Grace quickly replied, “Get in the ring with me then!” The exchange of words suggests that a potential fight between the two could be in the works.

Wett is signed to KSI’s Misfits promotion and is currently 2-0 in boxing, with victories over Keeley Colbran and AJ Bunker. Her latest victory came in March, which saw her become the Misfits Boxing champion.

Wett has been calling out Grace on social media, and with this recent brawl, it seems that the two could be on a collision course in the ring.

Wett is no stranger to catching the eye at press conferences and weigh-ins. She regularly wears lingerie when she steps on the scales and was infamously pied when she tried to kiss KSI.

Her provocative antics have helped her gain a massive following on social media, and she has established herself as a rising star in the influencer boxing scene.

Astrid Wett’s scrap with Alexia Grace at the KSI vs Joe Fournier press conference has generated a lot of buzz and could potentially lead to a future match between the two.

Wett’s record and provocative antics have made her a rising star in the influencer boxing scene.