(Video) Assault Incident Ahead of Oktagon MMA Event Results in Lifetime Bans for Coaches

Before the Oktagon 54 MMA event, an altercation erupted backstage, leading to the cancellation of a highly-anticipated lightweight bout between Akonne Wanliss and Sahil Siraj.

The incident, characterized by an assault on Wanliss by his opponent’s coaches, sent ripples through the MMA community and resulted in severe repercussions for those involved.

Oktagon MMA, a renowned Czech-based MMA promotion known for its electrifying events, found itself embroiled in controversy after the altercation unfolded following the pre-fight press conference. A viral video captured the chaotic scene, showing Wanliss being accosted by two individuals identified as MMA coaches Reza Madadi and Milad Zxkavakto, who are affiliated with Sahil Siraj’s camp.

The assault, deemed an act of aggression against Wanliss, prompted swift action from Oktagon MMA officials, who promptly issued lifetime bans to Madadi and Zxkavakto, prohibiting their participation in any future Oktagon MMA events. The decision underscored the promotion’s commitment to maintaining a safe and respectful environment for all athletes and personnel.

Madadi, a former UFC contender with a history of controversy, including a prior conviction for aggravated burglary, faced the consequences of his actions as Oktagon MMA condemned his involvement in the altercation. While Siraj himself was not implicated in the assault, Oktagon MMA’s investigation absolved him of any responsibility, leading to no punitive measures against the fighter.

Despite the assault, Wanliss emerged physically unharmed, with medical examinations confirming his well-being. However, the cancellation of his bout with Siraj at Oktagon 54 dealt a blow to both fighters, prompting organizers to reschedule their matchup for Oktagon 56, set to take place on April 20 in Birmingham, England.