(Video) Angry fans attempted to storm the ring and throw objects when MMA vet makes boxing debut

It was a matter of time before a mixed martial artist would attempt his moves in a traditional boxing match.

Marcin Sianos stepped into the ring for his professional boxing debut in Poland, facing off against Artur Bizewski. The match took place on March 2nd, and it was an interesting clash of combat styles.

As the second round unfolded, Sianos strategically applied pressure on Bizewski. He unleashed a series of well-executed combinations. Positioned near the ropes, Bizewski wanted to gain control and opted for a clinch.

However, what happened next was beyond the conventional norms of boxing.

In a move reminiscent of his MMA background, Sianos seized the opportunity and executed a takedown on Bizewski. The unexpected maneuver caught everyone off guard. Sianos then ended up delivering a couple of elbows on the ground.

Now that tactic might have secured a win in MMA but proved disastrous in the boxing arena.

Rather than securing victory, Sianos’s MMA-inspired move left Bizewski incapacitated and unable to continue. The consequences were severe, leading to Sianos being disqualified from the match. The aftermath was not confined to the ring, as Bizewski’s team and the audience expressed their discontent.

The disappointment in Bizewski’s camp escalated, with both his team and the audience expressing their displeasure. Whether the outrage originated from devoted fans or those closely associated with Bizewski remains unclear. The dissatisfaction reached its peak as things was hurled at Sianos by annoyed individuals present at the venue.

The fury of the crowd reached new heights as some attempted to storm the ring, prompting security measures to prevent any untoward incidents. In the midst of the chaos, Sianos himself found his composure tested as he issued threats of retaliation. Undoubtedly, this was not the scenario he envisaged for his debut professional boxing appearance.

With a winning run of three matches, Sianos currently has a record of 8-7 in mixed martial arts.