(Video) Anderson Silva knocks out opponent on Floyd Mayweather undercard

Anderson Silva is widely considered one of the greatest UFC fighters that ever competed. But despite getting released by the UFC, Silva keeps on going.

Since retiring from the UFC, Silva has been focusing on boxing. Last night he duked it out with Bruno Machado at the Etihad Arena in Abu Dhabi. The match that was once booked for the the top of the infamous Helipad in Abu Dhabi instead happened at the arena.

On the undercard, Anderson Silva (47) faced Bruno Machado (35). Machado also comes from the world of MMA – he was a part of UAE Warriors promotion.

The exhibition featured 2 minute rounds. Silva appeared bigger than his opponent. This is a third win for Silva who previously upset former WBC Julio Cesar Chavez jr. and knocked out Tito Ortiz inside of a single round.