(Video) Anderson Silva almost threw a kick at Jake Paul during boxing event

Jake Paul made headlines when he managed to defeat UFC legend Anderson Silva. Many fans were questioning the legitimacy of their bout afterwards but despite that the bout reportedly did underwhelming number of PPV buys.


Regardless, one moment keeps coming up.

During their boxing match last weekend, UFC great Anderson Silva made a fake kick attempt at Jake Paul.


Silva had previously been given a warning by the referee for perhaps breaking a rule during his bout with Paul when he punched his opponent after the final horn had sounded. With a fresh video showing Silva seeming to elevate his leg as if he were ready to kick his opponent in the head, it now seems as though the bpxer even ran the danger of being disqualified during the event.

He pulled his leg down to stop it from extending towards Paul, who was ready for a shot with his guard extended. This stopped him from completing the shot. Paul would have won before the final horn due to an automatic disqualification for Silva.

This is something that promoter was fearing would happen in Paul’s professional debut against Ben Askren. Askren recently revealed both Triller and Paul tried to get him to sign a contract that had a clause with a $100,000 penalty for each “MMA move” attempted.

“He said Triller is worried you’re gonna do some MMA moves. I said, okay, and, I’m not but whatever. And he’s said, ‘Well, how about you sign a contract that you’ll get fined $100,000 for every time you do an MMA move?’” Askren said during a talk with Fight Hub TV.

Obviously, the multi-time wrestling gold medalist refused to sign the clause and slammed Triller for a pretty stupid attempt.

“I said, well I already signed a contract, why would I do that, that sounds stupid. And he’s like, Well, come on it would make Jake feel good, and Triller really wants it. I mean the math that people don’t do on this one because most people are too stupid. If I beat up Jake, Paul, you realize I can do whatever I want right?”