(Video) Alves styles on Dober with a series of dodges and weaves, then a little dance – it backfires horribly

Rafael Alves had an interesting showing over the weekend against Drew Dober during the UFC 277 prelims.

Alves was all about styling on Dober and pushing his luck – sadly that backfired but not before he delivered this epic moment.

Dober would go on to make Alves pay for the display of bravado floring him with a body shot during the second minute of the third round.

This was Dober’s second straight win after two losses.

Dober got a performance of the night bonus with this victory. After the fact he had an interview Laura Sanko during which he explained:

“I felt like he was gassing himself out his excitement and nervous energy was getting a little tired.”
” So the game plan for us was to stay calm and cool and collected, because I love exciting ”
“but I want to draw it into his game. So I was gonna let him blow his energy and then take advantage of after the fact”

“And when he started spinning, dancing and jumping. I was like, he’s very athletic. I can’t keep up with that. I’ll just wait till after he’s done.”

“I was I was headhunting a bit. And he was really hard to hit. And then I realized that his body was opening up and then, you know, I advise my coaches and then Terence Crawford in the in the audience told me to go to the body. So I ended up finding it and it was beautiful.”

And as for what’s next:

“I’m looking to get one in November. I hate being inactive. So whoever’s available in November, you can call out I love to see Bobby Green in the cage. If not, Jim Miller is a beautiful candidate. And man, the lightweight division is stacked so if anyone’s available November let’s do it.”