(Video) Alligator expert narrowly escapes mauling while feeding hungry gator

A heart-stopping moment unfolded at Colorado Gator Farm in Mosca, Colorado, as an alligator expert skillfully dodged a potential mauling while feeding a massive alligator named Elvis.

The intense encounter occurred when an employee, known only as Chad, ventured into the water to offer a 12-foot, 600-pound alligator a substantial raw turkey. As Chad moved to hand over the turkey, he slipped into the water, and Elvis wasted no time charging at him, attempting to snap at his legs.

The nerve-wracking incident took place last Saturday (July 22) and quickly became viral after the park’s Facebook page shared the video on Monday (July 24). The post humorously mentioned, “Over the weekend, Elvis had a hard time deciding if he wanted to eat turkey or Chad’s legs. Who knew a 12 ft 600lb alligator could run so fast.”

The park later uploaded a longer video that led up to the critical moment when Elvis lunged at Chad, revealing the risks involved in educational demonstrations with large reptiles.

Fortunately, another worker quickly intervened to save Chad from harm, highlighting the importance of having backup during such interactions with formidable creatures. The park expressed gratitude to individuals who recorded and shared the incident, underscoring their role as heroes for capturing the extraordinary event.

Amid the suspenseful footage, social media users didn’t hesitate to respond with humor. Some witty comments included, “Elvis wants a bigger turkey,” and “Wow, that’s crazy.” Others shared their excitement and relief, with one viewer admitting they were so thrilled they had a bathroom emergency while watching the video.

The park’s team is commended for their experience and quick thinking during this exhilarating moment. Despite the close call, Chad emerged unharmed and promised to improve his aim when offering turkey treats to Elvis in the future.

In the realm of wildlife interactions, caution and preparedness are paramount, and this incident serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of working with large reptiles. The video has captivated viewers and showcases the remarkable bravery and professionalism of the alligator experts at the Colorado Gator Farm.