(Video) Aljamain Sterling figures out his fly is unzipped midway through interview

Mixed martial arts are akin to a circus. As a young sport where anything could happen due to stylistic differences there are often comical results in the cage – however sometimes this even spills over into regular life.

Current UFC bantamweight champ is busy doing interviews about his pending title defense against TJ Dillashaw when something peculiar happened. Midway through interview Sterling figured out that he had a wardrobe malfunction.

Sterling was unamused by the situation and quickly moved to rectify the situation.

He shared his honest opinion of his opponent in lead up to the event saying:

” I think he’s a tough dude. I don’t think he’s done anything in his career fairly. I really do think he’s cheated for just about all of his career. I mean, his teammates are whistleblowers when he was over there teaching people to do what he was doing.”

“I respect his skillset, I respect what you’ve done in the sport, but guess what? The backpack is coming, and I’m coming for that a*s.”

As for Sean O’Malley and Petr Yan, Sterling was actually all for the mismatch:

“Yan is able to touch him up, go to the body, chop down O’Malley’s legs — I’m not saying O’Malley’s legs are his weak point because people tend to keep talking about that”

” You attack the body, that’s going to be a lot more stationary, and you attack the legs, that’s going to be a lot more stationary. You can’t get the legs out of the way the same way you get the head out of the way. So I think Yan has to come in with a smart I.Q., otherwise he’s going to go 0-3.””

Yan had just been defeated by Sterling in a five round contest. Prior to that he was winning when he was disqualified due to an illegal knee to the head of a grounded opponent.