(Video) Alex Pereira’s sons were crushed to see him get KOed at UFC 287

In the recent main event of UFC 287 PPV, Alex Pereira faced his longtime rival Israel Adesanya for the fourth time. While Pereira had emerged victorious twice in kickboxing and once in MMA against Adesanya, fate took a different turn in their recent clash.

Adesanya knocked out Pereira in the second round and reclaimed the UFC middleweight title. However, the heartbreaking aspect of this event was the reaction of Pereira’s sons. They were devastated after seeing their father getting knocked out.

Witnessing a father get knocked out is a challenging sight for anyone, even if he is an MMA champion.

Fans of Adesanya celebrated his revenge after being knocked out twice by Pereira in previous bouts. However, the knockout of Alex Pereira had a profound impact on his fans as well. After the match, Adesanya approached Pereira’s children to boast about his victory right after the knockout.

The video captured the raw emotions of Pereira’s sons at UFC 287 in Miami, Florida, as they witnessed their father being knocked out cold. It was evident that the sight of their father losing was heartbreaking, and they were seemingly brought to tears.

At the news conference after the bout, Adesanya was questioned about the incident. He said: “I remember the first time [Pereira] knocked me out in Brazil, and his son came into the ring and then started to lie dead next to me, and I’m like, ‘you f*****g little a****le. I’ll whoop your ass if your dad don’t do it for you.”

“But then, yeah, I looked for his kid, and I pointed at him, and I saw him, and I was like, hey, hey, hey, [mimics falling to the floor] just to remind him.”

MMA is a sport known for its harsh nature, where knockouts and devastating losses are a part of the game. The rivalry between Pereira and Adesanya has been long and intriguing, with four bouts between them. Fans are now eager to see what the future holds for these two competitors and if they will cross paths again in the octagon.