(Video) Alex Pereira trains on hoverboard to troll Israel Adesanya’s recent tennis ball training

Adesanya has been doing laps around the middleweight division but this might all change if he’s forced to meet former kickboxing foe Alex Pereira.

Pereira has limited MMA experience but he’s beaten the Middleweight champion Israel Adesanya twice in kickboxing. This makes him a very hot prospect in an otherwise stale division.

With his training videos in the run-up to his main event with Israel Adesanya at UFC 281, Alex Pereira never ceases to astound viewers. In his most recent training video, former light heavyweight champion Glover Teixeira and Perreira went toe to toe.

Israel Adesanya’s has been prepping and has shared a video of himself working on head movement with some tennis balls.

Fans weren’t  very impressed with a video of Adesanya’s repurposing of tennis balls.

In a response video, Pereira showcased his striking all while steering a hoverboard.

The caption was: “Training with tennis ball is easy! I want to see boxing training on top of a hoverboard”


With just three UFC wins under his belt and a 6-1 overall record, Alex Pereira will take on Israel Adesanya for the middleweight championship. Due to his two kickboxing victories against Adesanya, Pereira is being hailed as the only competitor capable of unseating Adesanya.

Against Alex Pereira in 2016, Israel Adesanya suffered the only knockout defeat of his professional kickboxing career.

Pereira has established himself as a household name with his lightning-quick left hook. Even Adesanya considers it deadly.

Henry Cejudo, a former UFC double champion, predicts that Pereira will defeat Adesanya in their forthcoming fight. According to him, the middleweight champion will ultimately be unable to counter Pereira’s stand-up style. Cejudo predicted on his YouTube channel that Pereira would win via knockout.

He said: “As good as Israel is, Alexander just still has better striking. He knocked him out the last time they fought, he beat him the first time. If this fight goes on its feet, I just gotta go with Pereira… I got Pereira by knockout. I think he’s got more diversity and things of that nature. Stop me when I lie.”