(Video) Alex Pereira and Glover Teixeira spar in the middle of the road to the chagrin of UFC fans

In a surprising turn of events, UFC light heavyweight champion Alex Pereira and his coach Glover Teixeira took their friendship to the streets. They showcased a lighthearted sparring session that has set social media abuzz.

This unexpected encounter was captured in a 27-second video. It not only highlights their friendship but also provides a unique glimpse into the lighter side of professional combatants.

The video unfolds with Pereira and Teixeira squaring off on the road, creating a fun and humorous atmosphere. Pereira is known for his striking prowess. He throws a series of high kicks followed by calf kicks.

In turn, Teixeira attempts an unsuccessful takedown.

The highlight of the sparring session comes when Pereira executes an unexpected takedown, lifting Teixeira off the ground and gently placing him back on his feet. The onlookers were initially taken aback but soon joined in with applause and cheers.

With Pereira’s recent victory at UFC 295, he secured the light heavyweight belt with a TKO against Jiri Procazka. As the debate rages on regarding his next title defense, names like Jamahal Hill and Magomed Ankalaev emerge as the most plausible contenders.

The bond shared between Teixeira and Pereira extends beyond the realm of coach and student; it’s a true brotherhood that has withstood the test of time and challenges. This lighthearted street sparring session serves as a testament to their enduring friendship and mutual love for both each other and the sport.

The video is now viral on social media and has triggered diverse reactions from the combat sports community. While some appreciate the brotherly love displayed by Texeira and Pereira, others express concerns about the potential dangers of sparring in a public space. A subset of fans interprets the encounter as a source of humor and playfulness.

Some of the comments are as follows:

“Me and the boys off a couple pints before the casino”

“They are putting civilians in danger. Strip Pereira of his title, and put both behind bars. This is despicable behavior from two grown adults.”

“the definition of best friends jaja”

“Jamahal’s sons playing in the street 😭😭”