(Video) After a vicious leg break, competitor attempts to ‘set her foot’ and continue

In bare-knuckle boxing match, gruesome moments are common due to the fact that there’s no padding and cuts are more likely to occur.

However, it’s uncommon to see a boxer break a leg, in a sport where only punches are allowed and a competitor can only hit above the waist.

During BKFC Knucklemania 3, viewers saw an unusual and terrible occurrence when Charisa Sigala broke her leg during her match with Jayme Hinshaw.

Sigala was first thrown off balance by Hinshaw, who never really gave her a chance to recover. Hinshaw delivered a flawless overhand right that went through unobstructed and knocked Sigala to the ground. As if being knocked down wasn’t horrible enough, Sigala’s right leg broke because it became trapped under the deadweight of her body as it fell.

Sigala seemed to want to get up, but the referee stopped the match there. Charisa’s condition currently is unknown. Now we can only hope that the strange accident won’t keep her out of commission for too long.

Charisa Sigala was defeated by Jayme Hinshaw by KO in round 1 at 0:38.

Something similar to this happened to UFC veteran Phil Baroni in 2013.

At ONE FC 9: “Rise to Power” on May 31, 2013, Baroni faced off against Nobutatsu Suzuki in a highly-anticipated bout.

Unfortunately, the things took a turn for the worst when Baroni suffered a broken fibula and dislocated ankle in a gruesome display). As Suzuki charged forward with a powerful right hand, Baroni was knocked to the ground, causing his leg to bend in an almost inhuman fashion.

The referee immediately stopped the event, awarding Suzuki the (technical) knockout victory. However, the real damage had already been done to Baroni’s leg. The 37-year-old was rushed to a local hospital for medical attention, and the extent of his injuries was later confirmed

Baroni has recovered from the leg break – however he’s dealing with a lot of legal issues in 2023 after he was arrested in Mexico. He is awaiting trial for femicide.