(Video) After referee mistakes punch for tap, MMA pros compete twice in one night to settle score

MMA is a sport that takes an exceptionally high toll on the body which is why it’s highly unusual to see competitors compete more than once in a night.

Back when UFC was created, 30 years ago, the card had a tournament format with a bracket winner. As MMA went through the hoops to get regulated and sanctioned by athletic commissions this became impossible. Yet it still happens every once in a while outside of the US.

The latest case took place during AMC 118 in Russia.

In a highly anticipated bout, Tuvan native Tumer Ondar faced off against Afghan Ismail Haydari on the main card of AMC FN 118. However, the event ended abruptly in the first round due to a controversial decision by the referee.

In the initial round, Ondar had Haydari in a painful kneebar attempt, but the Afghan athlete refused to give up and struck his opponent on the leg. Unfortunately, the referee mistakenly believed that Haydari was tapping and stopped the event.

However, the Afghan native vehemently protested against the decision, prompting the intervention of AMC President, Kamil Hajiyev.

Hajiyev immediately clarified to the audience that a martial artis competes with his fists and surrender is indicated by tapping hands. He then offered Haydari a chance to take on Ondar again, but with the condition that he accepts his earlier defeat. Ondar also had to agree to the rematch, and both were eager to settle the score.

The highly anticipated rematch took place in the cage, but this time, the outcome was different. Tumer Ondar proved to be the stronger and won by unanimous decision of the judges. The Tuvan native emerged victorious in the duology with the Afghan, having won both encounters in the same tournament.

Tumer Ondar’s victory in the rematch against Ismail Haydari was a clear demonstration of his prowess in the cage. Despite the controversial ending of their first encounter, the Tuvan remained focused and emerged victorious in the highly anticipated rematch. The AMC FN 118 was a one of a kind spectacle in mixed martial arts, and the rematch between Ondar and Haydari will go down in history as one of the most memorable cards in the event’s history.