(Video) 59 year old pro boxer making his debut gets destroyed in 10 seconds

Boxing enthusiasts expressed surprise and dismay as a welterweight boxer competed against someone 36 years younger than him.

This past Wednesday night, 58-year-old Scot England became the world’s oldest welterweight boxer. England is a former radio DJ, news reporter, and songwriter. He took on 23-year-old Jashawn Hunter in his first boxing match.

But Hunter (4-0) went on to quickly defeat England in the bout. Mere moments into the bout, Hunter expertly evaded England’s punch. He then delivered a headshot that sent the old boxer crashing to the canvas.

Although England managed to rise after the initial blow, Hunter’s dominance persisted.

Continuing his assault, Hunter landed several more powerful strikes. This prompted England’s corner to throw in the towel a mere 46 seconds into the match.

Fans on social media expressed their surprise and discontent. They questioned the validity of the match being sanctioned, highlighting concerns about the safety and integrity of such matchups.

One fan expressed concern, stating, “That was scary.”

Another asked, “They let the fight continue after that (the knockdown)?!?!? Good lord.”

The online community raised valid concerns about the legitimacy of sanctioning such matches. One comment read: “How was this even sanctioned?”

One fan expressed that the gravity of the sport should not be overlooked, especially considering potential life-threatening consequences. He commented: “I know we joke on the TL about the stupidity of boxing sometimes but this is a sport where people get killed. The promoter should have a serious look in the mirror after this one.”

This match unfolded as part of the “Country Box” series held in Nashville, USA. The event is described as a “a fully syndicated show from Nashville TN, helping to keep boxing, music, and our Music City in the national spotlight.”

The claim of Scot England being the oldest welterweight boxer in the world has garnered attention, with Guinness World Records reportedly looking into this achievement.