(Video) 46 year old UFC veteran Aleksei Oleinik submits opponent with arm triangle

UFC veteran Aleksei Oleinik showcased his enduring prowess in the MMA arena with a remarkable return, securing a flawless submission victory in the second round of his recent bout.

A familiar name in the annals of mixed martial arts, Oleinik initiated his professional MMA journey in 1996, carving a legacy primarily in the heavyweight division across various promotions before joining the UFC fold in 2014.

Famed for his exceptional skills in sambo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Oleinik earned a reputation as a formidable submission specialist, boasting victories over tough contenders like Travis Browne, Mark Hunt, and Fabrício Werdum. Despite never clinching the UFC championship, his ability to submit opponents underscored his skill set and resilience.

Notably, Oleinik holds the unique distinction of being the only UFC athlete to successfully execute a rare submission, the Ezekiel choke, achieving this feat twice against Viktor Pesta and Junior Albini. The excitement generated by his performances further solidified his place in MMA history.

Even as the Ukrainian fighter transitions away from his prime, Oleinik remains committed to competing. His most recent appearance unfolded at RCC 17, an MMA event hosted by the Russian Cagefighting Championship on December 15 in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

Featured on the main card, Oleinik engaged in a heavyweight clash against Brazilian athlete Fernando Rodrigues. The bout delivered a spectacle from the outset, with both fighters engaging in a fierce exchange.

Oleinik’s strategic takedowns and grappling prowess became apparent as he asserted control over Rodrigues, who resiliently defended himself through the first round. The turning point came in the second round, as Oleinik, displaying his ground dominance, relentlessly attempted submissions.

In a decisive moment, Oleinik secured an arm triangle choke on Rodrigues. Despite Rodrigues’ attempts to resist, Oleinik’s grip proved insurmountable, leading to a victorious submission in the second round.

This triumph elevated Oleinik’s MMA record to an impressive 61 wins, 18 losses, and 1 draw. Additionally, he boasts a successful foray into professional boxing, with a notable win against Takhir Dzablaev in August.

The “Boa Constrictor” has unequivocally demonstrated that age is no deterrent to his mastery in the cage, leaving fans and the MMA community anticipating his future endeavors.