(Video) 260lbs bodybuilder struggles grappling against a 56-year-old man despite challenging biggest UFC stars

Bradley Martyn is a renowned YouTube personality and bodybuilder who often flaunts his formidable 260-pound physique. But when pitted against 56-year-old stand-up comedian Bryan Callen, that bulk proved insufficient.

Martyn has recently captured the attention of the MMA community. In his videos, he boldly asserts his ability to contend with some of the finest MMA combatants. These videos have gained significant traction on social media. Combat sports enthusiasts eagerly anticipated witnessing Martyn’s claims put to the test.

A recent video clip gained widespread attention on social media, which depicts Martyn grappling with Joe Rogan’s friend Bryan Callen. Martyn also issued a challenge to Sean Strickland ahead of his middleweight title bout against Israel Adesanya at UFC 293.

Bradley Martyn encountered formidable opposition when attempting to engage the 155-pound comedian. Sean Strickland is a seasoned UFC fighter who presently holds the fifth rank among middleweights. It’s safe to say after viewing this footage that fans likely know what will be the outcome of this hypothetical match.

Among all the combatants recently challenged by Bradley Martyn, only Demetrious Johnson accepted the challenge. The reigning ONE flyweight world champion sought to put the influencer’s audacious claims to the test.

Demetrious Johnson previously had consented to travel to California for a grappling match against Martyn. He expressed his amusement at the proposition on Henry Cejudo’s YouTube channel. Johnson acknowledged Martyn’s weight advantage but emphasized that weight alone isn’t the sole determining factor in grappling.

According to Johnson, technique plays a pivotal role in grappling. The Martyn vs. Johnson grappling match was set up thanks to Brendan Schaub

Although Demetrious Johnson had prior commitments, he committed to traveling to Calabasas for the grappling match upon his return. Johnson exuded confidence in his ability to control the 260-pound influencer, citing his recent triumph in the IBJJF Masters Worlds, his first BJJ competition.