USA Swimming Releases New Policy For Elite Transgender Athletes

USA Swimming updated its policy regarding transgender athletes on Tuesday. After the neverending controversy featuring transgender swimmer  Lia Thomas.  The National Governing Body for competitive swimming had to partake and offer a solution for both sides.

Previously, the female transgender from The University of Pennsylvania, Lia Thomas, won two races in the women’s Ivy League and caused a great deal of controversy. Some people believe transgender individuals should not compete in women’s sports due to the physical advantage they may carry over.

USA Swimming issued a new policy that allows transgender athletes to compete in elite events, but have to make sure they reduced the concentration of testosterone in their blood. It was stated that the testosterone level should be less than 5 nanomoles per liter continuously for at least 36 months. Additionally, elite transgender female swimmers will have to provide evidence regarding their testosterone level.

This is to prevent a competitive advantage over cisgender athletes. Because in Lia Thomas’ case, she was a male and went through male puberty and reportedly retains male biological organs.

This new policy retains to the elites. As for the non-elite – transgender swimmers can change their competition category to be consistent with their gender identity.

USA Swimming’s representative has stated that they will continue to pursue fairness in sports and they don’t want to discriminate against transgender athletes.

“USA Swimming has and will continue to champion gender equity and the inclusivity of all cisgender and transgender women and their rights to participate in sport, while also fervently supporting competitive equity at elite levels of competition,” said The National Governing Body.