UPDATE: 125lbs MMA champ Demetrious Johnson agrees to face 240lbs body builder challenger

A recent challenge thrown by body builder and influencer Bradley Martyn has ignited a buzz in the MMA community. During a podcast episode featuring former UFC star Nate Diaz, Martyn took the opportunity to challenge Diaz to a sparring session, gaining attention from MMA fans worldwide.

In a viral video, Martyn confidently expressed disbelief that the ONE FC flyweight champion (125lbs), Demetrious Johnson, could defeat him in real life. Despite Martyn’s imposing physique, MMA enthusiasts resoundingly place their trust in ‘Mighty Mouse’.


The reactions to Martyn’s claim were swift and humorous, with some fans playfully suggesting that trouble arises when former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub is the smartest person in the room.

Brendan Schaub, on his podcast, revealed that he spoke to Demetrious Johnson, and the flyweight champion expressed interest in the challenge. Johnson, known for his humility, is eager to take on Martyn in the sparring session.

“Now in it, I think the clip of us on Twitter that over 8 million views now of you saying, I told you Mighty Mouse would be up. Yeah. Now, little update on that. I spoke to Mighty Mouse yesterday. Yes. Spoke to Mighty Mouse because he repost the clip. And I was like, yo, man, I tell you, all fighters hit me up about you.”

“But he’s really humble, which is our soft display. Like you guys. Anybody who meets you is going to love you. Like there’s a there’s the Bradley you see on YouTube or whatever on Instagram with zoo culture. There’s the Bradley I know that’s got you know, I like I like both of them.”

“Mighty Mouse like eager to do it. And he’s like, yeah, no doubt, just tell him I’m down. He’s like, it’s not going to go well. I’m like, No, I know. That’s why I wanted it to go down. ”

The potential face-off between Demetrious Johnson and Bradley Martyn promises excitement and intrigue for MMA fans. Johnson’s exceptional skills and impressive record make him a formidable opponent, while Martyn’s determination to prove himself will undoubtedly add intensity to the showdown.