UFC’s youngest athlete follows in Diego Sanchez’ footsteps, joins Onlyfans

UFC’s youngest fighter Chase Hooper announced that he is joining Onlyfans. Hooper joins the controversial network following the footsteps of Diego Sanchez.

While many female UFC athletes managed to translate a fanbase into live income the same cannot be said for the majority of their male counterparts. But Chase Hooper is determined to change all that.

He tweeted,

“Following the path of many great fighters before me, I’ve decided to start an Onlyfans! Doing a giveaway for anybody that subs in the next week! (Got a sweet signed Venum hat from my fight kit and a signed UFC trading card!).”

For those who don’t know, onlyfans is a streaming network and app created in 2016. Users can watch its content by paying for a monthly subscription. Professional content creators, YouTubers, fitness experts, and athletes monetize their profession by uploading content on the app.

UFC vet Diego Sanchez was among the first to join Onlyfans and tout access to trainings and other materials but that came to a halt after a documentarty series on Sanchez unearthed provocative captions his former guru/manager Joshua Fabia used to honey pot the onlyfans fans.

Hooper has embarked on this journey for himself – and appears to be promoted by the app.

“My name is Chase Hooper. I am a UFC Fighter. And this is my onlyfans here. I am going to be posting all sorts of content, be posting all kind of new content, whether it’s training footage, technique videos, you know cool BTS stuff.”

He further explains,
“I get to travel around and do stuff for UFC, custom videos for people, that type of stuff, or if they have like specific ju-jitsu technique questions coz I’m a big grappling guy in the world of MMA, you guys want to, you know keep up with me. Definitely head over, check it out. You guys can message me there and I’ll message you back. Let me know what you want to see. Appreciate all you guys, catch you guys over there.”

Many small promotions have had to shut down the business due to financial issues during the pandemic. MMA personalities moved to Twitch and Onlyfans to earn their livelihood. It remains to be seen how lucrative this move will be for the offspring (not really) of Ben Askren.