UFC’s Worst athlete wants to scrap with Jake Shields because of ‘White Fragility’

Jackson became famous after beating CM Punk via unanimous decision during the main event of UFC 225. However, after testing positive for pot, the American saw his victory over the WWE star overturned to a “no contest”.

Jackson was scouted and signed for the purpose of matching CM Punk with a similarly skilled opponent – enough said.

Almost four years later, Jackson finally made an octagon return by facing Dean Barry on UFC on ESPN+63.

Mike Jackson was declared the winner after Dean Barry was disqualified following two intentional fouls in the first round after he declined to continue.

UFC seems determined to squeeze out every bit of worth from each athlete – so it’s no surprise they matched 37 year old Jackson with a 25 year old Pete Rodriguez whose records stands at 4-1 with 4 KO victories.

It looks like the odds are once again stacked against Jackson. But Jackson is also something of an activist. In the fall out from the Dean Barry DQ win he first addressed his thoughts on ‘white fragility’ saying:

“He’s going to say to the people I’m the one who quit. That in itself is white fragility. Then he has to go through and delete his Twitter cause he’s a piece of s***.”

Term ‘white fragility’ was coined by academic Robin DiAngelo in 2011. It’s meant to describe the disbelieving defensiveness that white people exhibit when their ideas about race and racism are challenged—and particularly when they feel implicated in white superiority ideas.

But Barry is not the only one showcasing ‘white fragility’  – apparently same applies to the MMA vet turned right wing activist Jake Shields.

Jackson took umbrage to Shields’ defense of Andrew Tate in their eternal struggle for relevance.

Jackson seemed open to the possibility:

Considering Shields’ familiarity with MMA he was game to throw down a challenge. No word yet if former Strikeforce Middleweight Champion (33-11-1-1) can take on the 1-1-1 Jackson but considering Shields was once featured on a reality show called Bully Beatdown and lost a round to a bully anything is possible.