UFC’s William Knight receiving death threats after horrendous performance this weekend

William Knight is likely to get released from UFC in the incoming months. He competed in theĀ  light heavyweight division in the UFC. Knight is currently under fire after his recent loss to Marcin Prachnio.

The bout was heavily criticized for being uneventful and lacking in action, with Knight failing to land significant strikes and Prachnio primarily targeting his opponent’s legs.

However, the backlash has gone beyond mere disappointment and criticism. Knight recently revealed on social media that he has been receiving death threats and disrespectful messages from fans following his performance.

Knight had a promising start in the UFC, winning three out of his first four and earning a knockout victory over Fabio Cherant. However, his form took a dip, and he suffered two consecutive losses before his bout with Prachnio.

In a post on social media, Knight took ownership of his poor performance and acknowledged that he froze up. He also expressed understanding towards those who had placed bets on him or wanted him to win, but stressed that he takes full responsibility for his actions.

However, Knight’s message was overshadowed by the revelation that he has been receiving death threats and disrespectful messages. He acknowledged that fans have a right to be angry, but condemned the threats as unacceptable.

While Knight has received the bulk of the criticism and backlash, his opponent Marcin Prachnio has also been criticized for his approach as well. Despite facing an opponent who was unwilling to engage, Prachnio failed to take advantage and deliver an exciting event. 63 of the 79 strikes landed by Marcin Prachnio on William Knight last night were leg kicks.