UFC’s Tyson Pedro opens up about abusive father who broke his teeth and stabbed his chest

UFC light heavyweight contender Tyson Pedro revealed a horrific event that pushed him to return to the octagon and have one of the greatest UFC comebacks ever.

Tyson Pedro is the brother-in-law of UFC heavyweight star Tai Tuivasa. Pedro had his UFC debut back in 2016 and climbed the ranks pretty well. However, he went downhill in 2018 after he suffered a knee injury.

‘Kangaroo Paws’ was inactive for four years. 4 years is such a long time for a UFC athlete to be inactive and fans started to wonder whether the Australian would return ever. Surprisingly, Tyson Pedro stepped his foot in the octagon again at UFC Vegas 52 in April.

Pedro faced Ike Villanueva and put on an incredible performance. He knocked Villanueva out with 5 seconds left in the first round.

Ahead of his next appearance, Tyson Pedro recalled an ugly backstory during his recent interview with Daily Telegraph.

“I had this trick where I’d throw the knife out. Then catch it again with my left. And mostly, it worked. But that one day, I guess my left hand was a little slow.” John said.

Prior to that accident, John who is a self-proclaimed ‘hood rat’ had committed another violent act towards his son, and this one wasn’t an accident.

“He was dazed, bloodied, there were guys at the gym wanting to jump in and save him. But that’s never happened in my world. And why I told the boys to f… off. The life I’ve known, nobody comes to save you. That’s not real. And I wanted my son to know that when it came time to get up in life, to really get up, nobody was going to be there for him. Which eventually, is exactly how it happened. Like any father who has just stabbed his son, I was s****ing myself.” John said.

He added, “Still, men are given chest plates for a reason, right? So I told him to walk it off.” Pedro answered, “I was crying, knife in my chest, and you said it was my fault because I started the game. But I knew the truth. You were just worried about what mum would say.”

Tyson Pedro is slated to exchange blows with his American rival Harry Hunsucker. The pair will compete at UFC 278 later this month on the preliminary cards.