UFC’s Tracy Cortez claps back at Brian Ortega after he airs dirty laundry online

A heated rivalry is brewing between Brian Ortega and Tracy Cortez on social media, with each trying to outdo the other. Earlier this year, the couple decided to go their separate ways, but they managed to keep the details of their split under wraps.

However, that veil of privacy has since been lifted. Rumors regarding the reasons behind their breakup spread like wildfire on social media. Ortega seems to have taken offense to allegations of him mishandling the relationship.

Recently, Ortega posted a cryptic tweet in which he dismissed the notion of him “fumbling.” The 32-year-old went on to imply that he willingly ended the relationship, stating that he “threw it away.”

Ortega tweeted:

This tweet from Ortega didn’t go unnoticed by Cortez, who appeared visibly upset by the public display of their relationship issues. She swiftly responded, calling out Ortega for “throwing shade.”

In her tweet, Cortez expressed her disappointment. She emphasized that she had refrained from saying anything negative or tarnishing Ortega’s reputation.

Cortez wrote: “Let me just say that to this day, I’ve yet to say anything negative about you or bash your name! Don’t start throwing shade now. I’m blessed. #MoveWithLove”


Adding to the drama, Tracy Cortez was recently seen spending time with UFC middleweight contender Paulo Costa. Not long after, Costa posted a picture of an unidentified woman on his Twitter account. Speculation on Twitter ran rampant, with many wondering if the woman in the photo was indeed Tracy Cortez.

The tweet from Ortega and Cortez’s subsequent exchange took place against the backdrop of this controversy.

It should be noted that Costa is a decade long relationship with his (now) manager Tamara Alves and the two were spotted getting dinner just last night.

The romantic involvement between fellow UFC combatants Brian Ortega and Tracy Cortez became public knowledge in 2020. The couple seemed perfect for each other, often seen together at training facilities and sharing pictures on social media platforms.

Cortez played a significant role in supporting Ortega during his UFC 266 title matchup against Alexander Volkanovski. She remained an integral part of his support system even after the loss.

Rumors of an engagement started circulating on social media, which Cortez confirmed officially in response to a comment made by UFC commentator Laura Sanko on Instagram. But in early 2023 the couple surprised their followers by deleting all photos featuring each other, signaling the end of their relationship.