UFC’s Stephen Thompson claims Molly McCann’s spinning elbow could KO’d him

At the UFC London event in March, Stephen Thompson was surprised by Molly McCann’s amazing knockout of Luana Carolina.

Molly McCann then went ahead and duplicated her success by getting another TKO victory following a spinning elbow.

Sadly for Molly, her spree had ended once she was matched with BJJ prodigy Erin Blanchefield who trapped her in a crucifix and delivered her own TKO.

Nevertheless, there was one UFC title contender that was impressed.

In a recent video that he posted, Thompson listed his top UFC knockouts from the year 2022. Thompson said that McCann’s KO was a contender for Knockout of the Year.

Additionally, Thompson said that the elbow hit was almost strong enough to render him unconscious:

“This could have been like, Knockout of the Year… Nobody would see that coming. She would knock me out with that, to be honest with you.”

“Like, who throws that? I’ve never thought once about throwing a spinning back elbow in a fight. It’s just something you don’t see too often… That was just phenomenal timing. She had to have been working on that in camp but crazy KO right there.”

Molly McCann and Luana Carolina squared off in the UFC London event in March. McCann hit her opponent with a powerful spinning back elbow in the third round, knocking her out.

In her subsequent match that took place in July, McCann once again used a spinning back elbow blow to defeat Hannah Goldy in the first round.

Stephen Thompson selected Leon Edwards’ head kick victory against Kamaru Usman as the Knockout of the Year for 2022 in his knockout analysis video.

He said: “This is Knockout of the Year… What made this so epic was altitude, right? These guys are fighting up above altitude. Two, it was in the fifth round. So, your defense is a little slower. You’re over-exaggerating your defense… head kick straight to the face. One of my all-time favorite knockouts ever. Not just of 2022, but ever.”