UFC’s resident African ridiculed after coach claims he competes with only 8% oxygen capacity

UFC middleweight Dricus du Plessis has been making waves with his impressive winning streak and quick rise up the rankings.

Since joining the UFC in 2020, du Plessis has been on a roll. He has won all five of his matches and finished his opponents in four of them. His dominant performances have caught the attention of fans and fellow competitors alike, propelling him to the No.6 spot in the middleweight rankings.

Israel Adesanya appeared to call out du Plessis after his recent victory over Alex Pereira at UFC 287. In response, coach Morne Visser took to Instagram to address Adesanya’s challenge. According to Visser, Dricus du Plessis has struggled with nasal problems ever since making his UFC debut and can only inhale 8% of his oxygen via his nose.

Visser explained that despite the breathing difficulties, du Plessis had accepted bouts and emerged victorious. Now with his nasal problems resolved, Adesanya could be in for trouble.

The post garnered attention on social media, with fans mocking the coach for his statement. Some of the comments were as follows:

With his recent win over Derek Brunson at UFC 285, du Plessis has showcased his skills and resilience in the octagon. But given his lack of experience, the UFC could want Dricus du Plessis to demonstrate his abilities against the best competitors in the division before giving him a chance to compete against Israel Adesanya.

Nevertheless, UFC analyst Chael Sonnen believes and a potential matchup between the Adesanya and du Plessis could be probable. According to Sonnen, the top five middleweights have all been defeated at least once by Adesanya. Adesanya’s desire for new blood in the division may result in the South African receiving the next title match.

Sonnen stated: “Izzy hasn’t told us much and he hasn’t asked for very much, but he did say, ‘I’d like to start fighting new guys’… that seems like a very small request. And all of a sudden Du Plessis does start to make a lot of sense.”