UFC’s Mike Davis credits video game with saving his life

Video games wield immense influence in people’s lives, offering a profound sense of purpose and achievement while fostering connections among individuals sharing similar interests. Recently, UFC contender Mike Davis disclosed how video games became a lifeline.

During his press conference at UFC Vegas 88, Davis recounted the pivotal role played by the iconic game Halo. It helped him out during his tumultuous childhood, which was marked by bullying and thoughts of harming himself.

Enduring relentless torment and abuse during his formative years, Davis faced daily humiliation. He was often bullied and shoved into lockers by students. Davis had no friends to turn to. So he took comfort in his Xbox, which his mother had given him.

At the press conference, he said: “The game that saved my life was Haloโ€ฆ The only thing that made me want to keep going was jumping on Halo and playing with friends.”

Through Halo’s online multiplayer mode, Davis forged meaningful connections with individuals across the globe. They offered solace during times of adversity. The friendships he cultivated while gaming served as a lifeline and provided him peace from the harsh realities of his life.

This demonstrates how video games may assist individuals in coping with trauma and loneliness. Many young people who are suffering get crucial support from the interactive virtual worlds.

Returning to the Octagon at UFC Vegas 88, Mike Davis delivered a commanding performance. He secured a notable submission victory against Natan Levy in the featured preliminary bout.

Asserting his dominance from the first round, Davis swiftly incapacitated Levy with striking. For the rest of the first round, Davis sought for submissions nonstop. Levy withstood Davis’s assault with incredible fortitude.

In the second round, Davis persisted in exerting his dominance. He moved up to mount and locked into a tight triangle choke hold.

There was nothing Levy could do except give in to the pressure. In the second round, Davis earned a spectacular submission finish at 1:28. Davis’ winning streak in the UFC now stands at four games with the victory. But because of injuries, he hadn’t competed in an octagon since October 2022.

Levy’s winning run of two matches ended in disappointment. As of right now, the 28-year-old Brazilian has a 2-2 record in the UFC.